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A Variety of Patient Testimonials

This section contains testimonials from a variety of patients about their treatment experiences received for pregnant women, children and babies.

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I am so impressed with Osteopathy. After any birth it is such a good investment.
Kathy Fray, Registered Midwife, Author, Columnist

The Wellbaby staff are friendly and professional and really understand the issues facing babies and mums. I would recommend osteopathy to anyone.
Jackie Vaughan, Registered Midwife

I find the Osteo work done with my babies amazing. A lot of our babies have some difficulties with their birth such as ventouse and forceps deliveries. So for me it's a definite and a good thing to do.
Lolly Freeman, Registered Midwife

Osteopathy is a very gentle treatment for babies. Happier babies means they are more relaxed, they feed better, sleep better and that gives a happier mum and dad. The Wellbaby staff are highly professional.
Dr Rachel Dallimore (MBChB, MRCGP, Dip O&G)

Absolutely amazing! The Wellbaby team, worked on Harper only wanting to turn her head to one side, and her stomach pains. We were impressed with the guidance and advice provided! Really friendly people. 10/10
Sarah, Cabin Crew Manager (Baby Harper)

Fantastic! A high level of care was shown which we really appreciated. Would highly recommend! 10/10
Angela, ECE Teacher (Baby Vera)

Fantastic. We found the Wellbaby team to be caring, intuitive, and provided care well above what was required / expected. I would highly recommend them. 10/10
Christie, Solicitor / Mum (Baby Jacob)

The Wellbaby team were so kind, gentle and patient during our treatments. I would highly recommend them.
Rebecca, Mother (Baby Samuel)

Fantastic! We loved our treatments and coming here with our baby. Happy with all areas of our visits.
Dallas, Freight (Baby Perrie)

Excellent. Enjoyed our treatments at Wellbaby! Would highly recommend! 10/10
Anne, Bank Officer (Baby Alina)

Fantastic treatment. Always a pleasure to come to appointments with wonderful support and advice. Would highly recommend Wellbaby. 10/10
Jenna, Florist (Baby Ruby)

The treatments were amazing. The Wellbaby team were very clear with advice, and they were great with our baby. 10/10
Monique, Teacher (Baby Lucien)

Very thorough and we were well informed and had everything explained to us that was being carried out. Very happy. 10/10
Sam, Firefighter (Baby Ella)

Treatment has been valuable. I am grateful at the support I've received in terms of breastfeeding. I feel that the treatments provided have been fantastic and I am impressed with the level of care from the Wellbaby team. 9/10
Daphne, Recruitment Consultant (Baby Mila)

Lovely and gentle treatment. Professional and informative team to work with. 8/10.
Melissa, Drama Teacher (Baby Arlo)

The treatments we had at Wellbaby were amazing and thorough. Coming to Wellbaby has been one of the best and easiest decisions I've made for my son so far. 10/10
Courtney, Union Official (Baby Ashton)

Excellent! Very gentle! Very happy with the care we received. 10/10
Katie, Administrator (Baby Olivia)

I brought my baby for treatments when she was 5 weeks old as we were having trouble latching. We found the Wellbaby team amazing, really patient and considerate with my baby and her needs. We would recommend Wellbaby to anyone with a new baby! 10/10
Emily, Mother

Amazing! The Wellbaby team were great at keeping my daughter relaxed during each session and I felt confident in their abilities Happy baby = happy mum. 10/10
Sheena, Teacher

After seeing how the Wellbaby team worked with my older son when he was a baby, when my second son Ryan was born in January, I didn't hesitate to bring him in to Wellbaby. He had been showing signs of discomfort and wind which was making him quite unsettled at times, and we were impressed with the treatments provided and the care shown by the Wellbaby team. Happy baby, happy family.
Shannon, Mum