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At Wellbaby we often see children who are in pain or whose parents have noticed they are no longer sleeping well or are having problems focussing at school . It would appear back pain and posture problems are becoming more common in childhood and adolescents. A general lack of movement, insufficient physical education and high amounts of TV and PC are suggested risk factors for chronic low back pain in later life.

For general health and preventive reasons, children need a daily minimum of 30 minutes of movement. Movements that have conditional or coordinative elements (like swimming or cycling) are suited best because of their multifactorial loading which challenges the body. See Wellrehab for more information.

K├╝ster M. (2004) Effects of sports and media consumption on the trunk muscle strength, posture and flexibility of the spine in 12- to 14- year-old adolescents. Sportverletzung Sportschaden. 18(2):90-96

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