Osteopathy and Babies Gentle Techniques

Give your baby a great start in life. Each Wellbaby baby osteopath is trained and highly experienced at working with babies.

The work focusses on identifying stresses and strains in the baby's body and working with them. Our osteopaths use 'soft touch, not clicking' techniques which are highly specific, light pressure techniques which are applied in a skilled manner.

Our osteopaths work closely with many midwives to help provide sensible and practical solutions to baby care. The objective is to support the baby to feel more comfortable and maybe even help give parents some well earned sleep. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Flexible 'after work' appointments. Make an appointment right now, you can check your schedule and compare with ours and find a time that suits you, only a couple of clicks away.

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Where is Wellbaby?

Our Osteopaths are located at the Wellwest Clinic, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, Waitakere, West Auckland. Call 838 0631