What is Sports Osteo? Rehabilitation and Sports

Osteopaths are uniquely positioned to work with those who have had injuries relating to sports, surgical rehabilitation, disabilities or chronic illness. Using guided exercise programs, manual therapy, education and lifestyle advice to bring about positive change.

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Men & Women Of All Ages

Clients often wish to improve sports performance, build overall body strength, flexibility and coordination.

Wellrehab is able to create and coordinate physical conditioning programs. Central to its approach is the necessity of strong core musculature, efficient breathing habits and good posture through balanced spinal and pelvic regions.

Our exercise and rehabilitation programs can easily be adapted, which makes it flexible for training both men and women, especially as their abilities improve.

Where is Wellrehab?

Our sports osteopaths are at the Wellwest Clinic, 31 Lincoln Road in Henderson, West Auckland. Call 838 0631.